This project aims to to understand how people acknowledge/feel that they are wasting resources. This understanding will then guide experiments to test the effectiveness of advertising messages for waste prevention.

The PICO project, funded by the French Ministry of Ecology within the MOVIDA program, was intended to analyze the social and environmental utility of collaborative practices, the conditions for their dissemination and their potential levers for the Government action.

  • 2010-2013: Coordinator of the Picri « CRIC » project (Communication, Resistance and Information to Consumers) with CTRC Ile de France and INC.

This project was financed by the Region Ile de France in partnership with the CTRC Ile de France and the 18 French consumer organizations. It has explored the mechanisms of understanding and retention of messages aiming at warning and protecting consumers and resistance mechanisms toward different kinds of contents and designs. The various stages of work carried out by ten researchers from five institutions (University of Paris-Sud, University Paris Dauphine, University of Burgundy, EM Lyon and INSEEC) and two doctoral students, have been published to offer specific recommendations to consumer organizations and help them adapt their communication efforts to different targets and goals. Funding over 3 years (€ 144,500).


  • 2006-2010 : Coordinator of the ANR NACRE (New Approaches to Consumer REsistance) project

This project, which has obtained €435,000 of financing over 3 years, brings together 25 researchers and 5 teams (3 French and 2 European – the Universities of Pisa and Lancaster) for a cross-cultural research programme on consumer resistance phenomena.

Three main subject areas will be developed: problems of measuring resistance;
exploration of specific manifestations of individual resistance (in regard to brands, intrusion by advertising, sales techniques, and symbolic elements conveyed by products);
and phenomena of the construction of collective resistance in “expert” communities (the “alter-globalization” movement, anti-brand communities, consumers of organic and sports products in view of nutritional claims made by companies).

The project’s aims are to extend the understanding of an emerging phenomenon in marketing, the managerial implications of which are crucial. The project adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, and includes researchers in marketing, the economics of quality, communication and philosophy. The expected contributions will be submitted to French and international journals and will be published in a collective work in English.


  • Décisions marketing, special issue N°68, October – Décember 2012: « « Consumer resistance and firms’ practices »
  • European Journal of Marketing, Vol.45, special issue 11/12, 2011: « Anti-Consumption and Consumer Resistance », with Mike Lee M., Hélène Cherrier and Bernard Cova.


  • Associate co-editor for Décisions Marketing (Association Française du Marketing)
  • Review board member for Recherche et Applications en Marketing
  • French National Representative for EMAC (European Marketing Academy).


  • Thesis director:

– Annie Banikéma (IRG, Université Paris Est) : « La création d’une échelle de mesure de la propension résistante des consommateurs », 11/25/2011

– Mariem El Euch (IRG, Université Paris Est) : « La résistance des consommateurs aux programmes de fidélisation », 12/02/2011

– Eric Martel (PESOR, Université Paris Sud) : « La résistance partagée du client et du personnel en contact face aux défaillances de la relation client », 12/04/2015

– Florent Boudot-Antoine (REGARDS Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne et CEROS, Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense « De la possession à l’accès : l’impact du temps sur la perception de valeur » (inscription 10/2016, financement ADEME / Région ALCA).



  • 2006-present – Reviewer for Refereed Journals:
    • Consumption, Markets & Culture
    • Décisions Marketing (Associate editor; Guest editor for the 2012 special issue on Consumer resistance)
    • European Journal of Marketing (Guest editor for the 2011 special issue on Anti-Consumption and Consumer Resistance)
    • Journal of Business Ethics
    • Journal of Business Research (special issue on Anti-Consumption)
    • Journal of Consumer Affairs
    • Journal of Consumer Behaviour
    • Journal of Consumer Research
    • Journal of Marketing Management
    • Journal of Macromarketing
    • Marketing Theory
    • Perspectives Culturelles de la Consommation
    • Qualitative Market Research: an International Journal
    • Recherche et Applications en Marketing (Review board member)
    • Revue Française de Gestion